Random Stuff That May Help My Game

Recently found DKlarations on You Tube.  DK is a witty, thoughtful, and enjoyable vlogger, voice actor, and stage thespian (I only know the last from his own admission, I’ve never seen him in a play).  He has a very neat little video on “The Truth About Dungeons and Dragons.”  I used his explanation to explain D&D to Brandon, an employee at Zaxby‘s, just last night, when I went and bought supper for the household.  It is a reminder to me about what D&D is at its core.

I have not written flash fiction, but I’m going to try.  This article on Five Common Mistakes in writing Fantasy Flash Fiction can apply to designing scenarios and game sessions in my own game world.

I found DK‘s first post on DKlarations.  It carries great depth and fills me with the will to keep creating.  Thank you, DK and Martha Graham.

I’ve found a really cool Google+ Hangout that had some of the GMing ideas that I use and some that I can use.  Here’s the one on Google+ and here’s the same one on DKlarations.  Be warned it is LONG.

I think I saw this when it came out in November of 2013, but I saw it reposted on Google+ and followed it to Cavalorn’s LiveJournal.  It’s not really helpful, but it is fun and reminds me of the excitement of new players.  “What are my options?”

Game On!