Try, Try Again

I feel that last night’s post rambled and was too wordy.  What I wanted to show, with that post, is how I have used non-Dungeons and Dragons and non-fantasy systems, tropes, and objects in Rilmorn.

Time Travel – I took Time Lords from Dragon issue 65 and modified them into Chronasarians, a subclass of Psions as a Player Character Class.  I ran a whole campaign with a time travel subplot running through it.  The first player to run a Chronsarian in my game often asked “What’s my T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimension In Space)?”

Species Interfertility – There are seven primary races on Rilmorn – Diavla, Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Idré, Kularin, Orcs.  Collectively, they are called the “Seven Races of Marn.”  A member of any of the marn races can produce viable offspring with a member of any of the Races of Marn.  Thus, an elf could be ashamed that his great-great grandmother was an orc or a dwarf could be amphibious because his mother’s father was a water-dwelling idré.  Orcs are a special case and they can have children with any hominid species; ergo orc/trolls, orc/hobgoblins, orc/humans, orc/lizard men, orc/troglodytes, orc/etc.

Space Ships/Science Tech – I already talked about Gamma World and the Legion of Gold, but that is not the only “sciency stuff” I used in Rilmorn.  The ship map out of the City of the Gods became a buried city in my Tharsi (i.e. Viking) campaign.  The PCs never entered the city, but they did encounter a group of nomads that wintered on the surface of the buried spaceship in the Forest of Spinning Leaves.  The nomads were fearful of the Golden Gods that sometimes came out of the ground to drive them away from the warmth and protection of the forest.  The Golden Gods were the androids from Legion of Gold and the Spinning Leaves were the solar collectors from the Terran space stations in StarCraft.  The Jirai, a society of tree-revering magi, were based on the Jurai from Tenchi Muyo—they also came to Rilmorn in a crashed spaceship.  A colony of illithid on Selune, the middle moon of the three moons orbiting Rilmorn, makes and uses tech from Gamma World (7th edition), E3 trading company took some of their tech, when they fought them

Guns – As I mentioned in the last post, some PCs came back from The Keep with firearms.  I let them keep them and magically retroengineer ammo.  Decades later Monte Cook gave us Ptolus and now E3 Trading Company sells black market weapons smuggled out of Ptolus.

These are just some the ways Rilmorn is different than “Traditional D&D.”  I don’t think they’ve ever broken the game, but I do think they’ve added some unique moments to play in Rilmorn.  Game On!