An Apology (Yet, Another “A Non-Gaming Related Post”)

Dear Readers,

I am sorry that I have left you hanging. Since I posted A Bragging! (A Non-Gaming Related Post), I have been spending more time working on my other writings and that threw this blog a bit behind. When my laptop died, this site got even further pushed to the back burner. Today, I hope to make up for absence and return to these wonderful pages.  I hope that you all will forgive me an join me again in my geekery.

Thank You for Reading and Until We Meet Again, Game On!

Suicide (Not a D&D Post)

On October 5th, it will have been one year since my friend Ed lost his battle with cancer. At that I time, I could have only imagined that I would lose other people from my life by the effects of age or accident or disease. I was wrong. Since that day last October, three people that I have known have taken their own lives.

I know of no comforting words for time like these. “I’m so sorry for your loss,” is true, but the enormity of such a tragedy leaves those words hollow in my ears. There are words to share in anger over the bitterness of accident or disease, but when the deceased are also the means of their demise, those same words only strike deeper into the heart of the bereaved. I am so sorry for your loss.

I have stood on the brink of suicide, before. I know the promise that such an action offers. To end one’s own life is final act of self-control. It is a promise that I am still in charge of my destiny. Whatever outside forces that are acting on me mean nothing, because I am the Master of my Life and I say when I leave this life. I say, “No More!”

While I understand the lure of suicide, it does not change the pain of loss. It does not mend the families broken by these acts. Understanding does not help when the wound is fresh and the pain is bright and bitter. Understanding will only bring some measure of peace, when the grief begins to wane and we can forgive those who took themselves from us.

When we can forgive those who left us behind and ourselves for not stopping them from leaving, then we can begin to mend. We can begin to heal. We can make the loss a bit less and we can breathe deep of life once again.

Free RPG Day 2016

Hey!  HEEEYYY!  Did you know that this approaching Saturday is the 10 annual Free RPG Day?  You do know what Free RPG Day is, right?  I’m getting the feeling that some of you don’t know about Free RPG Day.  Fine, here we go.

Free RPG Day is a day where many local gaming stores give away free RPG materials.  Yeah, I know, it’s crazy.  Businesses are giving stuff away.

I think they think it works like those people who give away free candy.  You’ll try it and then you’ll get hooked and have to buy it.  It didn’t work on me.  No, sirree.  I discovered Free RPG Day by accident 5 years ago and I’ve gone back every year since.  But, I’m not hooked.  I’ve only bought a couple of Goodman Games products, since I found a free module 4 years ago.  I’m only going to Free RPG Day this year to pick up Paizo’s We B4 Goblins, because I’m a completist…I swear that it has nothing to with my use of those modules in my gaming.  My wife is hooked.  She bought extra dice, after she found a free dice tower, one year.  My brother-in-law ran a quick play D&D 4E module for family, the year he found it at Free RPG Day.  So, I know that it can happen.  People can go to Free RPG Day and discover new game systems, new adventures, or even new friends and fellow gamers

Hey, I can’t encourage it enough.  Find a local gaming store that is participating and go check it out.

Free RPG Day!

A Year in Review


So, on 12 December 2015, my 2 year blogging anniversary came and went without as much as a whimper.  2015 has not been a good year for me, as far a gaming goes.  Ever since the ending of the “Giants in the Earth,” my attempts at running a campaign have gone poorly.

My “Shadowfell Road” campaign died a malingering death of extended inaction.  My “Pellham” campaign (with all the great modules that I combined) couldn’t continue, due to my players’ extra-game commitments.  My Zentlan campaign is not dead, but it stuck on an extended hiatus…I have hope that after the holidays that it will be back.  My blogging has been spotty, at best.  I haven’t finished the corrections for my submission.  I haven’t completed my review of Morgan Newquist’s story, The Blacksmith and the Ice Elves.  All in all, I haven’t gotten my game back.  Even my fiction writing has suffered.  All of this has been pinned on the backdrop of my friend Ed’s death.  He did not win his fight with cancer, but left this world with his pride and dignity intact.

I miss gaming.  I miss my friends, both those living and those beyond.  I miss my creative spark and I want better things to come.  With only five days left till Christmas, followed by a trip to visit family and friends in Mississippi, it is unlikely that I will post on my blog again this year.  I just wish I could feel better about this post and be more positive in this missive to my readers.  Alas, I cannot.  May the year’s end find you, my readers in better light.

I am struggling, but I haven’t given up.  Please dear readers and friends, Game On, until we meet again.


Catching Up

Greetings, Dear Readers, here it is the second GM’s Day, since I started this blog.  Since the last time I posted an entry was in January, it is obvious that I missed the entire month of February, when it came to posting.  Now, it is time to do bit of catching up.

I ran the third session of my Pellham campaign on 31 January 2015 and it went well.  I should have made a bigger deal of it, since it was on the 41st anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons, but I forgot.  I did attempt to write about that session, but it ended up as a “Session Recap” (and one that was poorly done at that) and I didn’t want to burden my readers with it.  So, I started another blog and posted it there.  When I attempted to show the processes of my side of the game, it all boiled down to this: “Since I have actually modules set is a semi-fixed order, I can use foreshadowing to alert my Players to potential future events and I did.”

February had some days filled with ice and the threat of snow.  My parents-in-law’s anniversary came and went the day before my 51th birthday.  My father-in-law hired a photographer and the family got together for family pictures.  There wasn’t a Pellham game and we must correct that this month.

I did start a new campaign with my brother-in-law, his son, and my Sweet Hart on 1 March 2015.  The villain of the campaign is Doresh, Lord of the Fading Dream and ruler of  Shae Lorlyndra.  The campaign is set on Zentlan, a continent that I worked up with my other brother-in-law Thom Thetford.  In the late 1980s, I ran a group of PCs on an adventure that took them to an unnamed city, at an undetermined location, populated by a people called the Zentlar.  Decades later, when Thom was helping me fill out the globe of Rilmorn, I decided to design a continent from which the Zentlar could originate.  Thus began Zentlan.

Zentlan is an amalgam of events from many different sources and should get its own post.  So if things go well, a Zentlan post should appear soon.

And since this is GM’s Day, I plan on purchasing a Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Until we meet again, Game On!

Player’s Handbook Release Day (or I Forgot to Remember to do This Yesterday)

So, to follow my Basic Rules PDF release post, I am again a day behind in letting the world know that I am excited about 5E and the Player’s Handbook release.  My wife ordered me a copy from Amazon last night and I should have it in 3 to 5 business days.  What will I do until then? (link 2014.08.23)

I’ll search the web for reviews and look through all the excerpts released by WotC.  Check out DMing With Charisma‘s review.  Found a review of the art in the PHB 5E by Raging Owlbear. (2014.08.22)

I am old enough and jaded enough to not let my hopes get too high.  I feel certain that for about every seven things I like about this game, there will be one thing that I don’t like (Alignment, I’m looking at you.) and that is okay.  There is no Holy Grail of Gaming or One True Way.  Every GM and every gaming group will have their own house rules; they will, hopefully, drop things that lessen their fun and add things that increase their fun.  Only those in tournament play and sanctioned game events won’t have any house rules, because everybody those events has too be on the same page and that’s okay, too.

I remember the fun I had looking through my first PHB. Wondering what was going to happen to thieves when they plucked the gemstone out of the idol on the cover.  Reading the spells.  Examining the art.  Learning what made every class unique.  My 2E PHB was not as exciting for me.  I was having a real grognard moment over the changes in the spells, I loved the art.  Even today, I can go back and flip through the book and relish the art.  I don’t have any memories about the 3E and 4E PHBs.  Not sure what that says about me and those editions, but I am excited and looking forward to opening my new Player’s Handbook and finding out what memories stick with this one.

My copy of the D&D Player’s Handbook has arrived!  Yay! (2014.08.23)

Until we meet again, Game On!

Grognard Gripe

Wizards of the Coast has deleted all their 4E content and I did not finish downloading my copies of Dragon and Dungeon.  This is one of the reasons, I am not always on board with online content; it is too easy to alter and/or delete.  This means many of the links in my blog are now 404ed.  I was not thrilled with 4E, but I really did get a lot of good ideas from that site.  I will miss it and I am irritated about the sudden (at least to me) change. Here’s the new site.

Just found a listing of articles.  I may be able to find all the things I want and redirect my links to the new pages.  Here’s hoping (2014.07.29) (2014.07.30)

Game On!