Free RPG Day 2016

Hey!  HEEEYYY!  Did you know that this approaching Saturday is the 10 annual Free RPG Day?  You do know what Free RPG Day is, right?  I’m getting the feeling that some of you don’t know about Free RPG Day.  Fine, here we go.

Free RPG Day is a day where many local gaming stores give away free RPG materials.  Yeah, I know, it’s crazy.  Businesses are giving stuff away.

I think they think it works like those people who give away free candy.  You’ll try it and then you’ll get hooked and have to buy it.  It didn’t work on me.  No, sirree.  I discovered Free RPG Day by accident 5 years ago and I’ve gone back every year since.  But, I’m not hooked.  I’ve only bought a couple of Goodman Games products, since I found a free module 4 years ago.  I’m only going to Free RPG Day this year to pick up Paizo’s We B4 Goblins, because I’m a completist…I swear that it has nothing to with my use of those modules in my gaming.  My wife is hooked.  She bought extra dice, after she found a free dice tower, one year.  My brother-in-law ran a quick play D&D 4E module for family, the year he found it at Free RPG Day.  So, I know that it can happen.  People can go to Free RPG Day and discover new game systems, new adventures, or even new friends and fellow gamers

Hey, I can’t encourage it enough.  Find a local gaming store that is participating and go check it out.

Free RPG Day!

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