Random Musings (or Traveling Parallel Planes)

So, on All Saints Day 2015, my wife and I took a day trip to Gatlinburg, TN.  When her Waze voice told her to turn left on West Athens St, I complained that I didn’t want to go on West Athens St; I wanted to take Hwy 211.  (Just so you understand, West Athens St and Hwy 211 are the same road.)  Once, I had expressed my silliness, I immediately began thinking about game applications of this idea.  I got out my phone and opened up my sound recorder and babbled for almost two minutes.  When I was done, my wife told me that what I had recorded was a blog post in itself.  So, now, I am going to attempt to transcribe my recording for you.

Have you ever wondered about roads, especially roads that have multiple names at the same time?  Now, in some cases, it is because a really long highway goes through multiple municipalities and it changes names along the way for each town or village that it goes through; though many people know it by the highway name.  Then other times, you will end up traveling down the interstate and all of a sudden you will see that I-85 is now I-85 and I-75 and you didn’t do anything…different.  You, just, were traveling along and, all of a sudden, there it was.

What if…What if what’s happening isn’t that municipalities are changing the names to fit local ideas or images or roads merging?  What if it’s realities overlapping and if you knew how to travel, you could get off in a different universe than the one in which you started or, maybe worse, what if you did end up in a different universe and you did not realize it?

What then?

What if?

So, what ideas might you all take from these random thoughts?  I’ve got a great plan for a fairly famous elven town on Rilmorn.  Until next time…Game On!


6 thoughts on “Random Musings (or Traveling Parallel Planes)

  1. Oh, Oh, Oh… the roads could be renamed from an ancient time, and the name itself in, say, an old forgotten ruin could give clues to your players about who owned the ruins originally. Then, time travel, where this information (if the players catch on) becomes paramount.

    Nice happy accident, btw. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. “Roadmarks” is the book you’re looking for I think, by Roger Zelazny…


    Crossroad demons and Hoodoo/Folk magic!


    The Morgaine stories by C.J. Cherryh!


    Hell Spirals (ala Dave Hargrave)!



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    • D! I love “Roadmarks” and I cannot think of a C.J. Cherryh work that is not awesome. I will have to seek out the others. You are right, “Roadmarks” and my idea do carry a bit of similar weight. Thanks as always for reading.

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      • Hell Spirals come from the old Arduin Grimoire stuff (am I dating myself yet) while the whole Hoodoo/Folk Magic thing has a big connect around the mystic properties of crossroads. Though, that said, you could also do some interesting stuff with the various deities of crossroads, travel, messengers, etc.

        “Hecate, Hermes, and St. Christopher walk into a bar…”


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