Catching Up

Greetings, Dear Readers, here it is the second GM’s Day, since I started this blog.  Since the last time I posted an entry was in January, it is obvious that I missed the entire month of February, when it came to posting.  Now, it is time to do bit of catching up.

I ran the third session of my Pellham campaign on 31 January 2015 and it went well.  I should have made a bigger deal of it, since it was on the 41st anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons, but I forgot.  I did attempt to write about that session, but it ended up as a “Session Recap” (and one that was poorly done at that) and I didn’t want to burden my readers with it.  So, I started another blog and posted it there.  When I attempted to show the processes of my side of the game, it all boiled down to this: “Since I have actually modules set is a semi-fixed order, I can use foreshadowing to alert my Players to potential future events and I did.”

February had some days filled with ice and the threat of snow.  My parents-in-law’s anniversary came and went the day before my 51th birthday.  My father-in-law hired a photographer and the family got together for family pictures.  There wasn’t a Pellham game and we must correct that this month.

I did start a new campaign with my brother-in-law, his son, and my Sweet Hart on 1 March 2015.  The villain of the campaign is Doresh, Lord of the Fading Dream and ruler of  Shae Lorlyndra.  The campaign is set on Zentlan, a continent that I worked up with my other brother-in-law Thom Thetford.  In the late 1980s, I ran a group of PCs on an adventure that took them to an unnamed city, at an undetermined location, populated by a people called the Zentlar.  Decades later, when Thom was helping me fill out the globe of Rilmorn, I decided to design a continent from which the Zentlar could originate.  Thus began Zentlan.

Zentlan is an amalgam of events from many different sources and should get its own post.  So if things go well, a Zentlan post should appear soon.

And since this is GM’s Day, I plan on purchasing a Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Until we meet again, Game On!


3 thoughts on “Catching Up

      • Yeah, we just skipped one session (which two players were going to miss anyways because of other commitments) so I’m not to worried. So I took the time to write more for the blog a bit, as well as reorganize the blog somewhat. All is good, the hacking cough is lingering a bit, but it’s that time of the year…



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