Shameless Self Promotion (or Yet, Another Lame Non-Gaming Post)

I got the business cards that my wife ordered for me over a week ago, but I just thought about posting a pic of one of them about 2 days ago.  Here it is:

Business Card

Just noticed, there is lint on my scanner (check out the spot on the Coast of Africa).

The second hardest part of having a blog is getting readers.  How do you get readers?  I know that much of my original reader base came from my friends on Facebook.  My next boost came from Vexar nominating me for a Sunshine Award.  Since then, the last “Grand Influx” came from Frank Mentzer reading my post on “Dice Fudging” and then posting about it on his Facebook Account; Raven Crowking posting a rebuttal on his site and kindly linking his post to my original, surely helped my readership, as well.  Finally, some readers found me from my comments on the posts of my fellow bloggers.  Thank you all very much.  (2014.09.19)

In the form of social media, I have the following accounts:

Facebook: ( Wherein, I like things my friends post and promote my latest World Engineer post.

Live Journal: ( Wherein, I sometimes offer other thoughts than those directly to gaming and post about My Tweets and ( wherein, I post as a Wanderer, new to my game world, Rylmoryn.

Twitter: ( Wherein, I tweet about my posts on my World Engineer blog.

Tumbler: ( Wherein, I post links to my World Engineer blog posts.

Google Plus( Wherein, I “comment on” and “+” cool things, respond to You Tube videos, and link to post my World Engineer account.

Oh, yeah, I have a defunct Blogspot account: It was the original site for my Wanderer’s Words about Rillmorrin.  Here is the last post I made on that site:

Game On


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