Grognard Gripe

Wizards of the Coast has deleted all their 4E content and I did not finish downloading my copies of Dragon and Dungeon.  This is one of the reasons, I am not always on board with online content; it is too easy to alter and/or delete.  This means many of the links in my blog are now 404ed.  I was not thrilled with 4E, but I really did get a lot of good ideas from that site.  I will miss it and I am irritated about the sudden (at least to me) change. Here’s the new site.

Just found a listing of articles.  I may be able to find all the things I want and redirect my links to the new pages.  Here’s hoping (2014.07.29) (2014.07.30)

Game On!


6 thoughts on “Grognard Gripe

  1. This is a danger that is facing many kinds of media these days. Fewer people own physical media of movies, for instance, instead relying on subscription houses that frequently change their libraries due to changing rights and contracts.

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  2. Looks like it’s a brand new round of WoTC sweeping everything from a previous edition under the bed and denying its existence or that people are still using it. But of course they stopped producing supporting materials for 4e years ago.

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  3. This is so unfortunate. I have actually not played 4E yet, but we are talking about resurrecting Void…time will tell. I hope you have been doing well!

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