Arkhosia – the Fortress-State.  Arkhosia – Home of the Dragonborn.  Arkhosia – Realm of Dragons.

If one leaves the city of Refuge and the Lands Within the White Wall, then travels northeast for five days, one enter a valley -a scar from the impact of a meteor.  In that valley, stands the defensive fortification known as Arkhosia.  Once abandoned and forgotten, Arkhosia is being restored and is rising again to stride among the powerful.

In the Dungeons & Dragons 4E default setting, Arkhosia was the ancient, dragronborn empire that fell, in mutually assured destruction, with the diabolic, tiefling empire Bael Turath.  Much of the fluff and crunch around dragonborn and their powers in 4E revolves around the memory of Arkhosia.  It inspired me to build an Arkhosia on Rilmorn.

In my game, dragonborn claim descent from the children and followers of two wizards from Mythgold – the Underground City of Wizards.  The first dragonborn were humans, elves, and dwarves who drank dragon blood from the Chalice of Dragons.  These are the standard dragonborn of the books, but there are other dragonborn.  In Sigil, there are small, segregated enclaves of dragonborn.  Each community is made up of dragonborn of a single color, the color of one of the five  chromatic dragon types.  These dragonborn claim to the descendants of the Dragonborn of Arkhosia, the true dragonborn.  Thus, there is some animosity between the two branches dragonborn.

So, the Players in the Giants in the Earth campaign got to encounter snippets of Arkhosia.  Surana (Christina’s dragonborn ranger) was taken to Arkhosia, by a strange black dragonborn drake hunter named Sargon, to help him hunt fell drakes.  She left Sargon, after she learned of his anti-dragon attitudes.  Surana, later, went to Sigil and got involved with Kharrus, a blue dragonborn.  Prince Vanik, a brown dragonborn, was exploring Spellguard, looking for Arkhosian artifacts.  E3 learns of a portal that connects the catacombs below Sceptre Tower to the lower levels of Arkhosia and of the dragon bone portal key needed to operate it.  During a time travel jaunt into the past; Aktara and T’Ba stole the Battle Standard of Arkhosia.  Surana took Kharrus as her mate and to escape the persecution of the chromatic dragonborn of Sigil, fled back to Spellguard.  Prince Vanik revealed himself to be an orium dragon and offered his protection, if Surana and Kharrus agreed to hatch their egg in Arkhosia.  Thus began the push to restore Arkhosia.  Dragonborn from Sigil and dragonborn from Mythgold accept Prince Vanik’s invitation to immigrate to Arkhosia.  Some humanoid dragonspawn and some draconians petition prince Vanik for sanctuary and they join the growing community.  Surana wished for a tower that connected Spellguard and Arkhosia and that was the last of the Arkhosian event in recorded history.

There was a lot more Arkhosia, than I thought there was, in the Giants in the Earth campaign.

So with that as background, here’s my plan for an Arkhosia campaign.  Every PC is “dragonish;” be they dragonborn, dragonspawn, draconian, or something similar.  I may allow a human or a dwarf that has a “dragon soul,” but I’ve got to think on that.  In addition to fighting and exploring (Arkhosia still has lots of hidden and damaged areas), the PCs will be sent on diplomatic missions by Prince Vanik to Dragon Isle and the Half-Dragon Monastery.  There will be a lot dragons and dragon type creatures for the PCs to encounter.  There may be a subplot examining the origins of dragonborn.  All of this would be loads of fun for me to run; it hits my obsession.

Game on!


5 thoughts on “Arkhosia

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    • Thank you. I was wondering what sparked your interest in this game concept? I’ve had very few people comment on any of my campaign ideas (on any site that I post) and you are the first to say that one appeals to your sense of play. Again, thank you.


      • I have played games before where there is the dragon-hybrid character that plays. The most intriguing piece of this is the diplomatic missions. As I get older, I enjoy more games that have a political theme than those that are hack and slash. It adds more to story design and character customization. Anything that builds on those elements is extremely intriguing to me.

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