Not-So-Random Questions (or This is Not a Gaming Post)

Do you Blog, Vlog, or Podcast?

Which ones, if any?

Do you follow one or more of those media?

Which ones, if any?

Why or Why Not?

Is there another medium that is better or more interesting to you?

Which social medium or media do you use?

Which do you prefer?


I’ve cross posted this on Facebook, Google Plus, and Live Journal.  I don’t vlog or produce You Tube content, but I may try something in the Comments of my favorite collab channel, Vlogalogue.


1 thought on “Not-So-Random Questions (or This is Not a Gaming Post)

  1. To Blog, Vlog or Podcast, that is the question –
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The Flames and Hostile Phrases of outrageous Fortune,
    Or to take up Words against a Sea of Aether
    And by opposing end them?
    For the Pen and Posted Word is
    Truly mightier than the Slings, Arrows or Swords.

    I fear I do not blog or vlog or podcast, though I have had dreams of doing nearly each of those, but I tend to find myself absorbed in the daily flows and ebbs of the world around me and when I do sit at my desk, find that my mind wanders to other endeavors or rather games.

    My current obsession, when I am not at work or being with my wife is a massive multiplayer online game. Alas, I would be better if I said I were in the game to chat with others or interact with them, but lately I have tended to run the game solo, enjoy the graphics and story of the universe. Perhaps it is the engagement of a world in which I know the rules and the rules are not so complicated as daily life. Grey areas? Not at all. I am a Good guy, that Bad guy needs putting down, and I an do that without fear of retribution.

    Next came the “to I follow any of these, if I create them not?” This would also be neigh. Even the ones that I would find great comfort in, I follow them not.

    Following came the question about social media. Here, I would answer yes I do this. Well, if slipping in to look at funny pictures can truly be said to follow Facebook. To be truth, I have to focus more on reading the texts of my friends therein and seeing what is going on in their lives.

    So, to answer your question succinctly, “No? and “Yes?”


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